Heritage Special Features


Heritage period properties are some of the most expensive and well-documented properties in the country. They are normally found and known to be as ‘listed properties’. Within this distinction you have two very typical categories, the first being grade 1 listed, the second being grade 2 listed. Basically what this means is is the amount of work that can be done or alterations vary. Grade 1 listing is extremely strict and almost no alterations to a property will be accepted internally and externally. Externally will be almost impossible to alter anything. Whilst grade 2 can sometimes afford some luxuries it’s still pretty stringent and there’s not really a lot that can be done. In this article I’m going to go through some of the amazing features you’ll find on heritage, period properties that really set them apart and part of the reason why they’re not allowed to be altered. It would be in the public interest of these properties remain as was.

Sash windows in heritage properties.

One of the most common and beautiful features you find on heritage property is sash windows. These are typically timber sash windows that slide up and down. They are normally constructed with two sashes and sit within a box frame. They normally rely on the weight counterbalance and often run up and down on pulley mechanisms.

Sash windows are extremely versatile and last for literally hundreds of years. This is because the way they are designed means that they’re serviceable and repairable at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you need to replace a sill or splice a new style you can absolutely work with the original windows. This means the grade 1 and 2 listed properties almost never have their windows entirely replace because the council know that they can actually be repaired from whatever condition they are in. This is kind of awkward for the homeowner because they’re left with windows that sometimes well passed their sell by date but still have to work with them. This is rather unfortunate because it’s actually more work and cost to restore these windows then actually replace them in some cases. But that’s all part part of owning a grade one or two listed property. You will have these beautiful sash windows and they allow such amazing light and they’re so tall they really do open up rooms and work perfectly when you have tall ceilings.

Tall ceilings in a period property.

Leading on from sash windows and tall ceilings it’s absolutely one of the most common and beautiful features of a period properties. Really tall ceilings gives the appearance of extreme wealth and makes a room feel really really impressive. Nothing sets a room more than tall ceilings with the quality plaster mouldings around the outside of the room known as a cornice.

One of the brain additional benefits of tall ceilings is the fact that it will really help to keep the warm warm in the summer. It does have the adverse effect of making a room colder in the winter, and the sheer area means that there’s more room that needs to be heated. That said, if you want one of these beautiful properties with stunning tall ceilings then of course there’s not really an issue for you in terms of cost, you’ve obviously got the money to heat the place! Talking repeating I think that we should look at amazing fireplaces to in. Heritage properties.

Fireplaces in heritage properties.

Heritage and old properties can have some the most amazing fireplaces in the whole of the UK. I’ve been into an old farm house that has got fireplaces the literally 3 metres wide. This means you could literally cook a whole cow on the fire at one time. And no doubt in the past it’s quite possible that they actually did! These stunning fireplaces can absolutely raise the level of a room to beyond lavish. They seem to be mostly constructed with a large wooden beam that runs across the brickwork acting as a lintel. They look beautiful and are strong because these farmhouses can be literally hundreds of years old and are still in perfect condition today. In fact, the timber is so hard that it looks like that this would last much longer than the timber itself.

Amazingly some of these beans actually end up coming out of old warships. This Oak is almost impenetrable and will just literally last through the ages. This is part of the reason why Heritage properties must be protected because of this amazing quality of material that simply isn’t available today.

What’s the some people the idea of grade 1 and 2 listing and making so many regulations in terms of alterations to property is a real drain on them, I think without these regulations we might lose some of it’s really important heritage and for me these rules really sitting place and I applaud the government for trying to follow them through as rigorously as possible.

Next time you looking at heritage property maybe it’s worth looking in the detail and seeing some of these amazing features and it might make you think twice about purchasing a new property.