Gardening is an integral part of our heritage and history of the UK. We enjoyed gardening for both recreational and leisure active. But where do we get our best historic Garden information from? Most of the time we get it from the top 3 garden sites in the UK and in this article I’m going to go through those and have a look at the best information that they provide too for your garden.

England garden
Langdon Court

Gardening is something that we can enjoy at home and most of the time we actually need to take advice on the best practices we don’t have all of the information to hand. Luckily there are plenty of enthusiasts out there that would happily share this information with us for free and wan to help us get better in our gardens as well as improving your living space.

RHS for historic gardening

The Royal Horticultural Society was founded in 1900 in London and has basically been helping people to learn how to garden ever since. They have a massive following online and we’ll go through the ins and outs of all types of gardening. Not just flowers but they will also help you with the vegetables and then the other potential edible plants in your garden. That’s now really like to use therefore and because there so many active users that you can always get the answer that you want to any questions related to gardening. In fact you can actually get questions related to patios, and landscaping as well. It’s like a one stop for a free information and definitely if you’ve got time and you want to learn about gardening this is one of the best places to have a quick look.

planting vegetable from backyard garden
planting vegetable from backyard garden

Garden Toolbox for all the tools you need in your heritage garden

Whenever I need any gardening at all this is the first place I turn to because of the reliability and trust that I haven’t these guys. There are relatively new operation but whenever I’ve ordered anything I get the things straight away and there’s no delay which is great because whenever you got a garden project you really don’t like to wait for the item do you so head to Garden Toolbox. Most of the time you have to run off to a garden centre because you really want it straight away but these guys were normally get everything to you straight away next day and so therefore it’s worth the wait so you don’t have to get yourself in the car in burn unnecessary time.

Garden Tools
Garden Tools

But where they really score for me isn’t the fact that they sell items. The fact that they run and extremely extensive gardening blog that provides all manner of interesting detail for the garden is what sells it for me. They provide hundreds of thousands of words of interesting articles and content on gardening and they do this for free and in the hope that you’ll pick up some of their excellent skills that they already have themselves. Not to mention they have some extremely interested in talented writers on the gardening niche.

Historic England Gardens

Where would we be without Historic England Garden Heritage help. They provide in-depth information regarding some of the most beautiful when they mention gardens in whole of the UK. They literally provide all of this information for free and if you really interesting gardening I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend taking a good look at their website. There we had a provide you with all of the information related to the UK the Scotland and England Gardens.

Grimsthorpe Castle & Gardens
Grimsthorpe Castle & Gardens

What I really like about their information is the fact that because they’re not profit they provide unbiased information and you can always rely on them for the straight up thanks. So if you gardening this is really a great help.


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