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Losing traditional windows from old buildings one of the biggest threats to our heritage in the UK. Traditional windows offer important glazing towards historic evidence. There an absolute requirement in a traditional property and removing these would be completely counterproductive for restoring and preserving our heritage. When constructed they require extreme skill and took a lot of ingenuity in the making. The distinctive appearance of these windows including the handmade glass cannot be compared to modern windows today.

One of the biggest problems windows face is the fact that they’re external joinery and they are continually at the mercy of all of the elements. This means that there are the most common item to be replaced in a property and it’s the most likely external Joinery that will result in an incorrect installation. That would be all of the Lost heritage and we need to work out how to preserve and solve this issue.

What can we do about preserving our window heritage?

In his article I’m gonna go through what you can do with timber and metal windows and it’s aimed at professionals and Property owners alike. It shows the significance of maintaining your original sash windows as well as detailed advice on the maintenance and repair as well as making sure that they’re thermally efficient for modern standards as well. You don’t have to entirely replace a window to make sure that you come up to modern thermal technology standards. You can have high quality systems installed such as draught proofing. These are completely hidden rebated within the frame therefore you don’t have any visual impact on the traditional heritage itself.

The ever changing UK is resulting in the loss of heritage of our windows.

One of the biggest problems faced by properties today is the fact that UPVC windows I can extremely competitively priced. Timber simply cannot match the price of uPVC. In the same way that UPVC cannot match the quality of timber. The biggest problem of course is that in this modern era that we live in there’s such a huge drive towards energy efficiency and cost effectiveness that we are losing heritage windows.

When Windows become inefficient and beyond repair, this typically refers to casement and sash windows, There is an unfortunate situation where UPVC has become an integral part of the UK window market. This is caused significant losses of heritage windows. What homeowners don’t realise is that timber sash windows in Casement can actually be maintained and actually repaired if necessary. Replacement sill section rails of particularly common amongst professional sash window companies and you should definitely be looking to take advantage of this rather than replacing with uPVC windows.

It’s rather unfortunate that the attraction of uPVC is the fact that the windows don’t need to be maintained and incidentally, I can completely empathise with this the fact that you don’t need to paint a windows, it’s a really great thing because maintenance in the UK as a whole is an extremely expensive process. Most of all, the fact that heritage properties really do require extreme maintenance.

one of the biggest problems the heritage faces today is the fact that people move home so frequently. This means that there is far greater detachment from their heritage features. So replacing a sash windows or casement windows cheaply seems like a sensible option, but the end result is the fact that we’re losing so much heritage through the UK.

What you must understand is there is actually the option to overhaul draught proof these Windows. This means that you can actually make them thermally efficient and repair them and it doesn’t have to cost all that much. In fact, repairing a sash window will cost less than UPVC one. Granted the fact that double glazed UPVC is far more efficient, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your single glazed just that little bit more comfortable. Heritage windows don’t have to be a complete cold disaster. Long gone are the days of ice on the inside of your windows.

If you do decide to replace your windows entirely please ensure that you are looking at heritage standards, and make sure that you don’t replace them with UPVC, and the fact that you can actually have timber high quality hardwood windows that match like-for-like traditional joinery of 100 years ago really helps the overall look and appearance of your property.

Why preserve historic interests?

One of the most amazing things about traditional windows is there architectural fashion, and they simply cannot be matched for quality. We have lost an area of high quality windows and doors and Heritage, and the fact that we then removing them further is a bit of an issue going forward. In terms of actual build quality and structure with actually gone backwards in the last 100 years and we will only continue to do so if we remove more of this Heritage.

One of the most important factors in preserving heritage is gonna have to be the reduction of costs going forward. The government is already offering 5% incentives on Mini restoration project. Always make sure to keep an eye out for a reduced VAT on restoration and heritage. You’ll be surprised how many government savings are in place to try to help keep the UK looking amazing.

Please also bear in mind the heritage Windows really help to preserve the value of your property. If you install I’ll be UPVC windows then you’ll actually devalue your period property. It’s quite common that installing UPVC into a period property will result in devaluation from anywhere from £20,000 to £50,000. This is because new homeowners would actually want to reinstate traditional period windows. Wherever possible think as if you were someone else sympathetically and try to keep these windows in place.


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